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 Hello! I’m Christina Courting and I’d Like to Welcome You to My Website

You’re probably wondering what I and my website can do to help make dating easier and to help you find your true love. First I would like to clarify that this is not an online dating or matchmaking site. I am not a matchmaker nor do I find dates for you.

So what do I do? I teach singles the secrets to finding true love through books, classes, courses and personal coaching. My passion for helping singles began over thirty years ago. For all those years I have been interviewing, researching and studying, testing and creating ways for singles to be more successful in finding and keeping their perfect partners. I am the author of several books, a national speaker, courtship & dating coach, the creator of the new CourtshipDating process and a Law of Attraction Matchmaker.

Okay, I did say I was not a matchmaker – and I am not one in the traditional sense. I do not try to find dates for you in hopes one will work out. What I do is teach you how to use the invisible universal laws to draw into your life your perfect partner. It works wonderfully. I know because I used these very laws to attract my perfect partner and husband. I also know many others who have found true love using this new approach. If you are interested in learning more please check out the page on the Captivating Mr. Right Success System or email me with your questions. I look forward to helping you find your true love.


What is CourtshipDating?

It’s a new word, one word, and a revolutionary new breakthrough in dating. It’s a new courtship process that takes a couple from meeting to marriage. It includes healthy values and a four-step process with 46 helpful guidelines. Use this new process to lay a strong, solid foundation for a long-term love affair!

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 Christina’s Books

It’s Better to Laugh: The Secrets to Attracting Love, Health and Wealth

You can use the new scientific discoveries of quantum physics and the powerful universal laws to bring you everything you desire. Step by step, this book will guide you on how to implement these important principles in your life, starting today!

Discover why only certain people become wealthy, get healed or find their true love… and how you can become one of those remarkable people. Learn how to turn your present success into even more incredible success. Learn how to go from depressed to happy in a matter of seconds. Learn tips, triggers and techniques for attracting prosperity into your life. You can become a new person – the one you only dreamt of becoming! Now you can say… I Did It!     Check it Out Right  Here


Start using happiness to bring you success

instead of waiting for success to bring you happiness!

Christina Courting


She’s the Prize! He’s the Hero! A Revolutionary New Breakthrough in Dating (The CourtshipDating Book)

Today’s traditional dating is outdated; too confusing and frustrating. Recreational dating; friends-with-benefits, hookups, booty calls, and one-night-stands will not bring true love. Neither of these dating styles will guarantee true love with monogamy and long term commitment.

CourtshipDating is the only dating process that includes healthy values, important guidelines, and the three types of love necessary for long term commitment. It is a 4-step process including 46 helpful guidelines. This new process is excellent for all ages, races, and religious affiliations. So, isn’t it time to leave the confusing traditional dating scene and join the new CourtshipDating scene?   Check it out!


Is He A Keeper? How to Know If He’s Your Perfect Partner

How do you know you have found the perfect man for you, your soul mate, your Mr. Right? The man you are with may be a Prince Charming – but not Mr. Right! This book is your answer. It will tell you what to check out in order to know for sure. Learn what to look for; characteristics, warning signs, things he should or should not be doing, and more.

Making a long-term commitment to a man is a very serious decision. It is a decision that will either bring you a lifetime of joy or misery. Be certain! Be sure! Take the Is He a Keeper test!   Not yet available – coming soon.


Secrets to Finding True Love: How to Attract and Captivate Mr. Right

Start creating the chemistry with a man from the second you meet him, become so “in-sync” with him that he swears you are the most perfect woman in the world for him. Eliminate all competition while he’s falling head-over-heels in love with you.

Learn the skills, knowledge, principles, and techniques you need to have miracles happen in your love life. Learn the psychology of men, exude greater confidence, attract quality men, captivate your Mr. Right and have him swearing he adores you!

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Keynote and Signature Presentations

* It’s Better to Laugh: How to Attract Anything You Want Using the Power of Happiness!

Positive emotions attract positive things. Become more successful in life by learning to be and stay happier. Christina demonstrates how to turn your mind from fear, overwhelm or worry to love, joy and peace in a matter of seconds. Practice this easy tip throughout the day and surprise yourself!

* From Afraid to Adored: A True Life Story of Inspiration

Christina Courting’s story of overcoming lack of self-confidence, self-esteem and an extreme fear of men, to receiving six marriage proposals and marrying her Mr. Right. Every woman is desirable!

* 10 Vital Facts for Dating Success: It’s What You Don’t Know That’s Hindering You!

Discover what you don’t know and need to know in order to create the success you deserve. Stop doing the same things over and over yet expecting different results. Just these few tips will change your dating results tremendously!


Consulting Packages

 Are you tired of waiting to find happiness or true love? Are you ready to invest in yourself and become successful now? As an expert, I will help you eliminate problems and reach goals you only dreamt of achieving. With help you will reach them quicker and easier. Choose from a variety of packages ranging from a quick question to a group mentoring course, or one-on-one consulting.

 An expert can often eliminate a problem you

have been having for years in a matter of minutes!

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